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  • Little Rock Educational Article of the Month - How To Get Rid Of Armadillos

How To Get Rid Of Armadillos

How To Get Rid Of Armadillos

If you suspect that your yard is already attacked by the nuisance pesky rodent Little Rock Armadillo, do not worry, rather follow the most useful ways to drive them away from your property and the problem would be solved. Getting rid of this animal is not a big issue these days as several methods and combination of them can keep the armadillos away from property. Here are some of the effective ways to get rid of Arkansas armadillos.

• Buy a stout fence and place it in the yard so that Little Rock armadillos cannot make their way to the garden anyhow. The fence should not have any space and it should be buried in the ground for few feet otherwise the critters will again get into the garden by digging the ground.

• Another way to get rid of the Little Rock armadillos naturally is to make use of strong smell and scents in the yard. The reason is they have a strong sense of small and once the yard is made to stink, they will definitely leave the place. Vinegar is a good option to sprinkle in the garden, but it is heard that this creature is mostly offended by the annoying smell of pine needles or pine bark.

• Trapping is also a way to remove the Little Rock armadillos from your garden, but ensure you use a live cage trap rather than going for any lethal trap. Live cage trap will catch the animal when placed in their way such as near the entrance of burrow and as they are captured in the trap, relocate them far away from the yard. You can bait the trap with live worms and grubs as this will make the trapping easier.

• You can also make use of some repellents if required. Many Little Rock armadillo repellents are available in the local stores and those products can be effective sometimes to drive away the grub eating mammals. Mole and Gopher Repellent Sprayer, Liquid Fence Arkansas armadillo repellents, natural defense, etc. are some of the repellents that can do the job best.

• You can also frighten the animals using various motion activated machine that generally makes use of noise, sudden burst of water, etc. to frighten the Arkansas armadillos. Yard Gard, spray away 2.0, Spray Away Elite II, etc. are the electronic instruments that can be used for removing the armadillos.

These are the methods you can follow to drive away the Arkansas armadillos but try to avoid killing them or using any repellents that kill them inhumanely.

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