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Bat Prevention Tips: How To Keep Bats Away

Bat Prevention Tips: How To Keep Bats Away

Normally Little Rock bats are useful to be around. They eat hundreds of nasty bugs like mosquitoes and other insects. But if you are really annoyed of them and they are residing at a place where you do not want them to be, follow the bellow mentioned steps to get rid of them.

1. Preventing them from entering the house
First you have to choose the right time of the year to evacuate the Little Rock bats from your house as it is essential for their overall survival. You have to find out if you have nursing colony in your house. Because if you remove the bats before their pups can fly, then they will die in the building. After this, find the locale points of entry. You can do this by looking for Arkansas bat droppings on or below the entrance. The points of entry can be poorly-fitted or broken screens, missing shingles or loose tiles, the location where boards or pipes can come loose. Just seal all the entry points after finding them out and to prevent re-entry perform repeated sealing.

2. Using repellents
You can use repellents to repel all the bats where they commonly nest. First of the repellents which you can use is mothballs. They are available in every household. Just put some mothballs in the middle of a cheesecloth and tie it to create a sack. Tie sack to the area where they nest and the odour of the mothballs will repel them away. Alternatively you can also use aerosol dog or cat repellent. Spray it to the area where all the Arkansas bats hang out. Remember to do it during the day whenever they are not around.

3. Using nettings
There aren’t much effective Little Rock bat traps present in the market. But you can still solve the problem using one-way exclusion devices like funnels or nettings. What you can do is that you can block several of the exits with mesh and install huge amount of exclusion netting on other openings. So if the bats which are present in the household want to get out, they would have to crawl around the steel mesh. Now this won’t trap the bats at all but once the Arkansas bats leave the area, they won’t be able to enter back again because of just one way nettings. So you do not need to necessarily kill the Arkansas bats at all because it is unethical, unlawful.

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