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  • Little Rock Educational Article of the Month - Groundhog Trapping: How To Trap A Groundhog

Groundhog Trapping: How To Trap A Groundhog

Groundhog Trapping: How To Trap A Groundhog

Is the Little Rock Groundhog destroying your yard into oblivion so much that you want to get rid of it? Before trapping a groundhog, it is very important to know the exact location of its burrows and how to lure them out of it and trap them. Here we discuss the various trap types and the baits used to trap them.

Choosing the right trap type
There are two types of traps available- one that kills the Little Rock groundhogs immediately while the other keeps them alive, so that you can release them later. The traps that kill the groundhogs are a danger to the kids and pets in your home and are also not a humane way to get rid of these Arkansas groundhogs besides being illegal to use in a few states. A live trap comprising of a steel cage is a better option.

Using the right bait in live traps
Groundhogs like to eat lettuce, carrots and celery so all those can be used as bait food. Alternatively, you can also choose the vegetable the Little Rock groundhog in your garden likes particularly as the bait from the evidence you have seen. Buying professional bait products such as ‘Woodchuck lure’ are also very effective in luring the Arkansas Groundhog to the bait!

Ways you can trap the groundhog
Choosing the right location in order to trap the groundhog is extremely important. You can either trap them from the entry and exit points of the burrows or simply use food to trap them.

In the first method, you need to seal off all the entry/exit points of the burrows where the Little Rock groundhogs live bar one, so that when the ground uses it to escape you can keep the trap near the exit point and the groundhog will run into it. Proper camouflaging of the trap is necessary so that it cannot sense that it is walking into a trap.

The first method may not work all the time, so using food as a bait in order to lure the Little Rock groundhogs into the traps that you set is also an effective plan. Make sure that you wash the trap with an unscented soap to rid it of all human smell which may act as a deterrent for the Arkansas groundhog since they are always wary of us. Choose the proper bait type and camouflaging the trap properly is important as well. After the trap while you release the animal back in the wild someplace away from your home ensure that you are wearing thick when handling it and ensure that it is far away from agricultural produce, as they can cause damaging effects.

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